Whether teaching local children about cultures around the world or creating bowls for an annual event that raises thousands of dollars for local food shelters, community-engaged learning courses (CEL) help students to connect to our community and grow as students and global citizens. 

A community member tries to choose a bowl
A student throws a bowl for the Empty Bowls event
Empty Bowls draws Huntingdon community and Juniata together by a love helping others, and in the pursuit of finding the best bowl.
"Language in Motion started because we wanted to find a way to provide teaching opportunities for students at Juniata who have experience with other languages and cultures."
-Deb Roney, Director of LIM
A student from Tunisia presents about her home country.

Why take a CEL class?

Research shows that community-engaged classroom experiences lead to:

  • Higher GPAs
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Positive student-faculty partnerships
Courses CEL designated
Empty Bowls Practicum Language in Motion
Group Communication Forensic Accounting
Storytelling Communication Philosophy
Federal Taxation: Individuals Health Communication
Senior Capstone II (ESS) Introduction to Business
Social Science Research Methods Reading Difficulties Lab (R.O.A.R.)
Sociology Senior Seminar America: Nation of Immigrations
Social Work Practice: Large Groups, Organizations and Communities Integrated Media Lab I
Statistical Consulting Spring Break Alternative
Cultural Learning Tour American Families Aging & Society
... and look for more to come!

To see what CEL courses are being offered this semester, go to Juniata class schedules, search by type tab, and select Community Engaged Learning, or click here.  

Juniata's Mission & CEL

Juniata College's mission is to empower our students to develop the skills, knowledge, and values that lead to a fulfilling life of service and ethical leadership in the global community. One of our Institutional Learning Objectives for students is to be engaged with themselves and the world, and community-engaged learning provides one pathway to this outcome. 

Juniata prides itself on evolving with the higher education community in accordance with research which is why we have modeled our program after the standard created by the Stanford Initiative, which you can learn about here.