How does the program work?

The Federal Work Study Program pays 75% of the hourly minimum wage for students and partner agencies are responsible for the remaining 25%.

That's as little as $1.79 an hour.

What are the eligibility requirements for employers?

The organization must be a public or private non-profit agency and work performed by the student must be in the public interest.

You must be able to provide direct service opportunities in the following interest areas:

  • Literacy training
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Social services
  • Public safety
  • Recreation
  • "At-risk" youth
  • Community improvement

You must be able to provide a supervisor for the student worker who will create a learning agreement and verify hours worked.

Placement must not displace other workers.

How does an employer participate?

Any agency that meets eligibility requirements may contact the Community Service Office for Work Study students or click here for an application. We will assess your needs, advertise the position, and recruit/hire students.