Greener Leasing, LLC is a start-up business founded by Juniata College Student Doug Jackson in the fall of 2008. The business offers students the opportunity to rent eco-friendly Energy Star approved MicroFridges and provides its customers with a one of a kind moving service that is not offered by competitors.

Greener Leasing installs, maintains, replaces, removes and stores the MicroFridges so students have one less item to worry about lugging between school and home. A MicroFridge consists of a microwave, fridge and freezer that surpass school and federal standards for electrical output, thereby providing a method by which students can go green.

JCEL was able to help Doug by providing technical assistance through business planning as well as providing space in the Sill Incubator for him to locate his business headquarters. “JCEL has been one of the best resources a student like myself could have utilized when starting up a business,” said Jackson. Doug’s business was funded with an equity invest of $10,000 through the Student Seed Capital Program.