Luke Fragello

Director of New Media Communication


  • Produce and direct media productions to support enrollment, advancement and marketing initiatives.
  • Through paid internships and work study, build and nurture a broadly talented pool of freelance student artists, technicians and media producers.
  • Provides strong support of budgetary control by executing tactics to reduce or control dependence on print or traditional media. Recommends strategic investments needed to enhance production ability and message deployment.
  • Research, recommend and deploy new media, technologies and techniques.


Luke Fragello is the Director of New Media Communication at Juniata College, where he creates all of the video content for marketing the College. He came to Juniata in June 2014 from Mount Aloysius College where we received his undergraduate degree in business and marketing and Masters in business administration. While pursuing his masters degree at Mount Aloysius, he led a team of 10-12 student workers and ran a digital media studio that created digital marketing content.

At Juniata, his role is very similar in that he hires, trains, and leads 10-12 students in creating video content for the College. Outside of work, Luke is an avid Pittsburgh sports fan and concert-goer, and watches entirely too many cat videos on YouTube.