Placement and Margins

Positioning: Ideally, the logo should be given as much white space as possible around it.

Spacing: The logo should be given adequate space on the page and not be crowded by images, copy, or other graphic elements.

Margins: To maintain logo clarity and ensure other graphic elements do not compete visually with the logo, specific minimum margin space is recommended to surround the logo art. This minimum distance equals the height of the lower case “e” in College.

Unacceptable Treatments

  • Do not change or rearrange any elements of the logo.
  • Do not stretch, compress, or warp the logo.
  • Do not create any competing shapes or containers or use with any other elements inside the logo.
  • Do not place the logo in any kind of containing shape.
  • Do not use the logo on imagery that competes in any way with its colors and detail. The logo may be placed over images that have a simple background and that allow the logo to stand out.
  • Do not use the graphic illustration separately.
  • Remember, the light always shines on Founders Hall. See color versions for the correct reversed logo.