What is the Student Academic Development Committee?

The Student Academic Development Committee is responsible for guiding the faculty in all areas relating to student academic development, including advising, satisfactory academic progress and policy in other areas relating to student academic development. The Committee establishes and monitors policy regarding recognition of student academic achievement, academic honesty, probation, suspension and dismissal of current students, and academic forgiveness and completion programs for former students.  The Committee serves as the review panel for all student petitions for exceptions to the established academic policies.

Its members include five faculty members, three students, the Provost, and the Registrar.

What kinds of petitions do SAD review?

SAD reviews petitions for exceptions to established academic policies outlined in the Juniata College Catalog. Examples of petitions include late registration changes, course overloads, appeals of academic probation and suspension, and approval of credits from off-campus programs not sponsored by Juniata.

How do I submit a petition to SAD?

Fill out a petition form and submit it to the registrar's office. You will need to get each of your advisors to write a short statement in support of your petition. It is advisable to meet with the Registrar to discuss your plans to appeal prior to completing the form.

How will I hear from SAD?

The Assistant Registrar will send you and your advisors an email after the committee has reviewed your appeal. Appeals, pertaining to academic actions, will have a letter sent to their home address along with copy to the parents and the advisors. 

How do I appeal a SAD decision?

You will need to get a faculty member (normally the advisor) to sponsor your appeal. The petition form is submitted to the Registrar. Additional support information must be included from the faculty or advisor sponsor.