What is my class standing?

The total number of completed credits on a student's academic record (including accepted transfer, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate credits) determines class level. It does not include in-progress credits for the term during which the registration period is occurring.

  • Freshman -- Up to 23.99 completed credits
  • Sophomore -- 24.00-53.99 completed credits
  • Junior -- 54.00-86.99 completed credits
  • Senior -- 87.00+ completed credits 
How do I register for an internship?
The internship form is available from the QUEST Office located on the second floor of Founders Hall. The completed internship form with all signatures is then submitted to the Registrar's Office.
How do I register for a CBE (credit by exam)?
Credit by Exam is used when there is an overlap of two courses in the same term, or if the course is not regularly offered but is a catalog course. Students use the CBE form on the Registrar's Office website or in the Registrar's Office.
How do I register for an Independent Study?
An Independent Study is a course created by either the student or the faculty sponsor and is not already offered as a catalog course. The form is available from the Registrar's Office or online.
What is a Course Exception Form?
This form is used for certain circumstances when online registration is not permitted. Examples of when this form is used would be: not having the prerequisites, not taking the corequisites, exception to required class level, or instructor's permission required. The form is available online at Course Exception Form or in the Registrar's Office.
What if I repeat a course?
When a course is repeated where credit was already earned, students must complete the Course Exception Form to repeat the course. Credit is not granted twice for the course. Both grades will show on your transcript but only the highest grade will be factored into your final grade point average.
I'm a high school student. How do I register for classes?
You must meet with your high school guidance counselor to complete the paperwork to enroll in classes at Juniata.

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