1) Search for courses from the Registrar's webpage. 
  • Registrar's webpage > Class Schedule.
  • Search by department, time, course type, number of credits, and instructor (Adv Search).
  • When you click on Add Course the course will be applied to the Scheduling Asst tab.
  • NOTE: The Class Schedule is a tool to help you search for courses and find conflicts.  YOU MUST GO TO WEBADVISOR TO REGISTER YOUR COURSES.
2) Register through WebAdvisor
  • From the ARCH, select StudentStudent Academic Profile > WebAdvisor. 
    • You may use Search and Register for Sections to register the courses you found by using the Class Schedule (above), or
    • You may use Express Registration by entering each course's 5-digit course synonym, which will automatically fill the required information.
  • For variable credit courses, use Search and Register for Sections.
  • Click on SUBMIT to complete your registration.
  • Go to My Schedule to confirm your selections.
3) Exceptions

Courses under the following conditions cannot be registered through WebAdvisor.  These situations require instructor and/or advisor(s) approval and are registered through the Registrar's Office:

  • Closed section
  • Courses that require instructor permission
  • Courses for which you do not have the pre-requisite
  • Credit by Exam
  • Independent Study
  • Tutorial
  • Internships

Questions?  Visit the Registrar's Office M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, or call 814-641-3165.