How do I transfer credits to Juniata from another institution?

In order to assure that the credits will be accepted at Juniata you should complete the Request for Clearance of Transfer Credit Form prior to enrolling for the course. The form is available in the Registrar's Office. Transfer credit is granted only for academically valid courses, earning a grade of C- or higher. Credits transfer but the grades do not.

Is there a list of previously accepted courses from other institutions?

Yes, you may access the list of accepted courses on the registrar's website under transfer information.

How many transfer credits can I bring in after entry to Juniata?

Students who enter Juniata with fewer than 24 credit hours may apply no more than 15 transfer credits toward a Juniata degree, with no more than eight of these 15 credits applied to the POE. Students entering with 24 credit hours or more may transfer additional credits based on number of credits previously accepted.

If my course is not on the list, does that mean it's not accepted?

No, it just means no one has transferred the course before. You will need to have the department chair evaluate the course to determine if it is acceptable.

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