(Posted November 29, 2012)

On Nov. 20, Jim Troha, was announced as the 12th President of Juniata College. Currently, Troha is the Vice President of Development at Heidelberg University in Ohio. He will take the position on June 1, 2012 from Thomas Kepple, who is retiring after 15 years of service. Students shared their thoughts about this announcement and express their wishes for Troha's future regime.

Chandler Steffen '16, Lewisberry, Pa.:
I would really like to see the new president keep the community vibe here at Juniata. Also, we need to maintain our prestigious reputation in and out of the classroom.

Jonah Ruggiero '16, Bangor, Pa.:
As a current freshman, my next three years here will be with Jim Troha. His background in fundraising has me excited, as we definitely could improve our financial stability. I just hope he doesn't make any sudden changes without first consulting the students.

Andy Blunk '14, State College, Pa.:
It's definitely important having a background in fundraising, especially as Juniata doesn't get state funding. Also, I heard he was the interim President at his old school, so that experience at a similar school should be valuable.

Justin Wright '14, Montclair, N.J.:
I'm really excited about the change in presidents. Not because I thought Kepple did a bad job, because I thought he actually did very well. I think, though, it would be nice to see [Troha] out in the Juniata community more and develop relationships with students.

-Seth Ruggiero '14 Juniata Online Journalist

Our readers respond...

"As a graduate of the Class of 1964, I'm "chiming in." It has been a great 15 years under the leadership of Tom Kepple. Juniata College continues to be a college with high standards and standing in all aspects. One area that can use some more attention from all of us is the endowment of the college. Jim Troha brings with him the knowledge to address this issue. But, he also is well versed in the other aspects of college development, growth and day-to-day operations. I look forward to his efforts contributing toward Juniata continuing to be the best, and most friendly, liberal arts college. To do this he must interact with and relate to those involved in all aspects of the college - students, alumni, parents, staff, faculty and our neighbors - the Huntingdon community. I feel confident he will do this. I hope we have selected the man that will lead us for the next 15 years. And, that the progress and enhancements over those years will match or exceed the progress and enhancements over the last 15 years. I look forward to meeting the new president at Alumni Weekend 2013. Thanks Tom - Welcome Jim." -- Dan O'Sullivan

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