(Posted March 6, 2013)

The documentary It's a Girl played at Juniata last week, telling the stories of girls who are killed, aborted, abandoned, and abused in India and China. After watching the documentary, students disclose their thoughts on the film:

Audrey Zehren '14, Seattle, Wash.:
I thought that it was a good documentary because it was broadly informative while also giving personal accounts, so you could feel involved while getting a wider idea of the problem. It also gave a message of hope, which a lot of documentaries don't do. I like that.

Tian Lan '15, Qionglai, China:
I don't know about the India part, but the part about China… well, some of the opinions are right, but gender discrimination is not that much of a serious problem in current China. Some of the phenomena they showed, like the family living far away from their children in order to earn more money, are quite common in current China.

Alex Eby '15, Huntingdon, Pa.:
It is really sad that this is happening and that people really don't like girls. It's still happening today and people don't even realize it. They go along with their lives every day while women and children are being killed in many different ways. It's just horrible.

Courtney Goodman '13, Rockville, Md.:
I thought it was very good, but I would have liked to have heard where they got some of their statistics. I thought that they were a bit paternalistic towards the rural women of India and oversimplified the one-child system in China.

John Apostolides '13, Huntingdon, Pa.:
I liked that it had a positive message, as far as what the problems were. They showed that you shouldn't just change the laws, that it was a really cultural thing. It was more constructive and positive than I thought it would be which is good. It was really important to hear about.

-Laura Bitely '14, Juniata Online Reporter

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