(Posted July 1, 2013)

Junior Anshu Chawla will be the next Student Government Executive Board President.

Junior Anshu Chawla will be the next Student Government Executive Board President.

The ballots have been cast, and next year's Student Government president will be junior Anshu Chawla. Chawla's plans for next year are especially focused on communication between student body and student government.

Q: What do you bring to the Student Government presidency?

A: What I bring to the Student Government presidency is a fresh new perspective. I haven't had as much experience with the Student Government beforehand, but I do know and talk to a lot of people and throughout the entire campus on what types of things they would like to see change.

Q: Are there any issues in particular that you hope to address?

A: Small little improvements here and there. Actually someone I was talking to yesterday was talking about improving the computers in Muddy, to get better computers because they break down all the time. It's trying to see exactly what students want. It's kind of hazy about what the Student Government can actually do with the funds that they have. So trying to figure out what students want and what's feasible, what the administration can deliver.

Q: What are some of your goals in the position?

A: One of my main goals is to be able to quantify the student perspective through the use of surveys. I understand that Student Government has tried to use surveys before, but it's been kind of difficult, especially with online surveys. When you see an email -- sometimes students overlook it. I think it's very important for the student body to know what student government is up to, and we can do that through all sorts of publications and social media. We will try to get the actual opinions of the campus, being able to quantify it, and working with that.

-Kelsey Molseed '14, Juniata College Journalist

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