(Posted April 25, 2013)

The Juniata Office of Public Safety is located in the basement of Ellis Hall .

The Juniata Office of Public Safety is located in the basement of Ellis Hall .

The Juniata Office of Public Safety recently reminded students that thefts tend to increase during this time of year. With this in mind, students describe how they feel about the safety of their possessions.

Laura Whitman '13, Ono, Pa.:
I think that it's really sad that we have to be cautious of our stuff now because I felt like Juniata wasn't that kind of place, so I hope that this is a temporary thing and won't become more common around campus. I think that that's part of the appeal of Juniata, and I don't want to feel like I have to lie when I tell people that the campus is safe.

Alexa Laudenslager '14, Halifax, Pa.:
Overall I still feel particularly safe when compared to other schools. We still have a lower track record. I do think, although this is still happening, it's just how the world is unfortunately. I have faith that they'll be able to stop it and we can go back to trusting people enough to leave our laptops outside when we leave to get a drink.

Liz Faust '14, Frederick, Md.:
After having my iPod Touch stolen and about $40 dollars stolen from my wallet, my friends and I have learned not to leave our stuff lying around ever. Last year I was in Sherwood lounge on a Friday working on my philosophy paper. It was four o'clock in the morning and I went to use the restroom right outside the lounge and I came back and my iPod was gone.
Another example of not trusting people is a few days ago, when my friend texted me to come watch her stuff while she went to go grab coffee real quick. My friends and I no longer trust to leave our stuff anywhere anymore. I simply have had things taken too often to risk it. I just hope that I don't have to start locking my door every time I have to leave my room to use the restroom or to shower. Sometimes I feel like I have to. My stuff is not safe here.

Alicia Camacho '14, Rockville, Md:
I feel like my stuff is safe, but I know people have been getting things stolen, especially in my building on the guys' side. I haven't locked my door or anything. I'm not too worried about it, but I know it's a problem.

Sharon Dubosky '14, Spring Mills, Pa.:
I feel unsafe about the recent thefts on campus, especially considering they seem to all be in the same vein. Seems like a pretty clear string of attacks and I feel like JCPD has not been doing their finest.

Laura Bitely '14, Juniata Online Journalist

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