(Posted May 2, 2013)

Neal Utterback, assistant professor of theatre arts, teaches the playwriting class.

Neal Utterback, assistant professor of theatre arts, teaches the playwriting class.

On May 6 and 7, students of Neal Utterback's playwriting class will have their plays performed at Standing Stone. Utterback, assistant professor of theatre, organized the event. The plays have been put together throughout the semester, and student performers will be presenting them. Each play explores different themes and concepts.

Ryan Tritsch '16, Bel Air, Md.:

My play is titled Tom Storm, and it is about an escaped convict who pretends to be a bounty hunter so he can hide out at this summer camp for a while till he plans his next move.

Aley Roemer '14, Kimberton, Pa.:

My story, called The Governors of Life is about four girls who act out a murder scene. Afterward, something happens that scares them, and poses the question of who, or what, is actually in control of life as we know it.

Sara Deppenbrook '13, Beaver Falls, Pa.:

My play is titled TTX and is about an American Playboy/nutritional supplement company CEO in Rio, Tony Malfouth, who is working to find out the dealings and accounts of Brazil Oil by getting a hold of the oil company's accounting books that are assumed to be cursed. His secretary, Mel, and best friend, John, do most of the heavy lifting, while Tony drinks and whines his life away, pushing Mel into John's protection.

Megan Smith '15, Scranton, Pa.:

This play Irreconcilable Differences is about a couple arguing over the difference between growing up too fast and not growing up at all.

Kelsey Molseed, '14, Juniata Online Journalist

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