(Posted August 2, 2013)

A new Reception Desk.

A new Reception Desk.

Our House: Renovation and Other Summer Admissions Work
The campus looks a lot less busy with no students running to classes or playing volleyball on the lawn. However, the Enrollment Center continues to work through the summer months by scheduling visits and meeting with prospective students. This year, Juniata's enrollment center experienced a wrench in the workflow as they met usual goals while new construction plans dominated their building.
Terri Bollman-Dalansky '85, director of enrollment operations, discusses the center's summer goals and their reasoning for the remodeled lobby.

Q. Other than making the lobby look more contemporary, why was necessary to remodel the Enrollment Center?
A. This building has not seen any changes since it was first built, and it was time for an update!
Q. Tell me about some of the choices you've made in the new décor.
The new cork floor shows that Juniata continues to be committed to sustainability and the environment. And, the desks are similar to Founders Hall, so they are connecting us by the way they look, pulling the campus community together visually.
Q. Besides renovations, how do the admission counselors stay busy during the summer with high school students taking a break from school,?
A. During the summer, counselors schedule their off-campus interviews. They set up appointments to meet with high school students in their hometown to talk about Juniata. It's more convenient for the students, and it helps them decide if they want to visit.
Q. Are there any specific summer goals that the enrollment center tries to meet every summer?
A. One of our most important goals during the summer is reaching our target enrollment number. We have to know how many incoming freshmen we need in order to sustain ourselves for the upcoming year. We also set financial aid and scholarship strategies; we need to know how much money we can spend in a particular scholarship fund.
By Lauren Frantz '14, Juniata Online Journalist

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