(Posted September 20, 2013)

Dating in college is "more serious" to students. Photo by Kelly Russo '14

Dating in college is "more serious" to students. Photo by Kelly Russo '14

Sweaty palms, awkward first dates, and butterflies; dating can be a challenge at all stages of life. In the transition between high school and college, the dating scene can be an especially confusing situation. Juniata College students state their opinions about the differences between relationships in high school and college.

Amanda Matta `17, Elizabethtown, Pa., and Kevin Butterfield `17, Greenport, N.Y.

"In college, you're literally living in the same place as the other person, so you can spend more time with each other, whereas in high school you have to get your parents to drive you to the other person's house."

Jung Park `15, international Student from South Korea

"When I was dating in high school, I was dating without the intention of having a committed relationship, but in college I looked farther and considered a relationship with an outcome such as marriage. In my long-distance relationship, we constantly talk and update each other on what's happening around us."

Killian Sampo `16, Lowman, Idaho and Paniz Sehat `15, an international student from the United Arab Emirates

"It feels more serious, because in high school you never expected anything to last."

Hayato Karuo '14, an international student from Japan

"I didn't go to dinner or restaurants in high school when I went on dates."

James Kollinger '16, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"When I am with the person I am dating, the mood is different than it was in high school. In high school it was more puppy love, but in college it is more mature."

Sarah Holmberg '14, Altoona, Pa.

"Independence. In high school I didn't have a car or a license so my parents had to pick up my boyfriend or drive me to his house."

Alex San Miguel '16, Weslaco, Texas

"In college, they take it more seriously, and there is a lot more at stake."
--Marlene Matula, '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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