(Posted October 28, 2013)

Every language differs across regions, and these differences can be quite profound. In English, odd phrases and sayings slip into everyday conversations. Here at Juniata the phrases used by students vary depending on their home region.

Hiroya Yamaue '14, Japan

"In my circle of friends, it is common to say like 'dude man' as a greeting."

John Hanks '17, Burkina Faso

"I'd say that the most common slang term I use is 'what's up' when I greet people."

Caleb Norville '17, Alexandria, Va.

"It depends on the time of year; right now I'm in a 'howdy' phase."

Amy Orner '17, Newville, Pa.

"The weirdest one I think I have used is 'out in the light' which means turn out the light."

Amanda Matta '17, Elizabethtown, Pa.

"I will call a person 'dude' or 'man' regardless of gender. I will also call people 'pal' sometimes."

Conor Dimond '17, Summerhill, Pa.

"I will call a creek a 'crick.' I will say 'slippy' instead of slippery. I also say the word 'water' differently than other people."

Marlene Matula '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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