(Posted November 13, 2013)

How does your style reflect your personality? Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

How does your style reflect your personality? Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

Style is an extension of our personalities. The clothes that we wear can be a statement to the world. Here at Juniata, students talk about their personal style and the statements that they want their clothes to make about them.

Ikemen Pan '16 , Beijing, China

"Given a choice, I would like to wear jeans and T-shirt, because I want to show people I'm a person they can be close with and that I'm not too complicated."

Connor Dimond '17, Summerhill, Pa.

"Well, I like to dress up to go to class, although I wear comfy cloths on stressful days and test days. People call me a hipster. I like to wear a lot of tribal shirts and colored jeans. My mom was a hippie so I guess that's why I dress this way. I would have to call my style 'hipster gone sophisticated.' I hope that my style shows people that I care about how I present myself and see through my funky patterns and designs that I am down-to-earth and friendly."

Emily Alexander '17 Harrisburg, Pa.

"I like to wear stuff I buy at thrift stores, because I like to be unique and to be an individual."

Faith Thoman '17, Spring Grove, Pa.

"I like to wear clothes that I find comfortable. They could be dressy or comfortable, it doesn't matter. I think it says that I like to feel comfortable in my environment and situations that I am in, but I am also flexible with my environment and the people I deal with."

Amanda Matta '17, Elizabethtown, Pa.

"I like to describe my style as 'the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.' I like to think I'm pretty stylish in the things that I buy, but when it comes time to actually get dressed, I tend to gravitate towards worn-out jeans and T-shirts."

Marlene Matula '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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