(Posted January 13, 2014)

Juniata students find encouragement and advice from professors as students and beyond the classroom.

Juniata students find encouragement and advice from professors as students and beyond the classroom.

Juniata is a life-changing experience for students. With encouragement from professors, students are on the path to becoming successful individuals later in life. Professors offer advice to students that ultimately changes their life for the better. The close relationship students have with their professors allows professors to get to know their students at a more personal level and to guide them on the road to success. Students share their stories of professors who have had a positive impact in their academic career and in their lives:

Tori Rehr '14, Wernersville, Pa.

"Kathy Westcott is a professor who positively impacted my life. She persuaded me to study abroad for a full year, and created opportunities for me to become more involved in the psychology department and administration in general."

Zach MacMillian '14, Lebanon, Pa.

"David Hsiung has positively impacted me. He has always been really encouraging. The advice he has given me has always been transferable to other courses and life in general."

Kelly Shunn '15, Eagle Rock, Calif.

"Alison Fletcher taught me to always be on top of my work and to have a good work ethic, even in a subject that's not for my POE. Jim Tuten taught me to look at other philosophies and viewpoints in my CWS class. Norris Muth taught me that if I'm serious about a subject, I can't procrastinate on it, or just expect to know it without putting in the work. Lastly, I have a quote from Larry Mutti: 'While you see the world physically, you will experience it culturally. It makes you a better person.'"

David Knecht '15, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

"Matt Powell of the geology department has positively impacted my life. He is a great advisor and has kept me on a path to success here at Juniata."

Courtney Sledzianowski '15, Baltimore, Md.

"Neil Pelkey is a professor who has positively impacted my life. He did so by being a good adviser, and by helping me to pursue a marine science POE."

Kymberly Mattern '15, Juniata Online Journalist

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