(Posted January 7, 2014)

What's your resolution this New Year? Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

What's your resolution this New Year? Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

We all have habits that we want to break, whether it is procrastinating, biting our fingernails, or watching too much television. Or maybe we want to start getting into good habits, such as exercising, eating a healthier diet, or spending more time studying. We are human, and we are not perfect. But we certainly can try to better ourselves; there is nothing wrong with that. In order to make the world a better place, Juniatians share what they want to change as they ring in the New Year:

Sarah Bennett '14, Warminster, Pa.

"I definitely want to be able to learn not to take things too personally. I've always been sensitive, and I think I'm always doing something wrong, or that someone is trying to purposefully harm me. I'd like to be able to keep a better perspective on my own feelings and how others around me are feeling."

Ashlynn Cobb '17, Montrose, Pa.

"Next year, I would like to stop procrastinating and use my time more wisely. To achieve my goal, I will set time limits for myself and stick to them!"

Kylie Berrena '15, Alexandria, Pa.

"I hope to break bad eating habits. For my New Year's resolution, I wish to be more mindful of the foods I eat and the amounts. Naturally, I want to exercise more."

Andrew Pfister '15, Wellsboro, Pa.

"I need to be more disciplined so that I can do more and better quality work. Over winter break, I am going to apply for jobs and internships, instead of waiting for the middle of the semester to hit me in the face. I don't want to start scrambling to get stuff together last minute, but I guess that just goes along with discipline."

Catherine Brumbaugh '16 Pen Argyl, Pa.

"I would say my worst habit that I would like to break would be procrastination. There are times when I am really good at getting all or most of my work done in a timely fashion. But there are always times where I say I will do something later, and when later rolls around there is a lot of work to do! Sometimes I don't even realize it is piling up so that is when the stress begins. I hope for next year and the new semester I can find the will to do my work when it's assigned so I do not become stressed all at once."

Kymberly Mattern '15, Juniata Online Journalist

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