(Posted March 12, 2014)

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Spring break is one of the most exciting periods for international students. Many of them use the week to travel all over the United States. Where are Juniata's international students going this year?

Sven Kötterjohann, Ladbergen, Germany

"I wanted to go to Niagara Falls but it is really expensive and I do not have a driver's license and no one else wanted to go. Then I joined a group of friends and we decided to spend the week in Las Vegas. We were looking for a cheap option and this one came up. Also we are a big group so it means more fun. I have been there in 2011, but I just spent two days there and I liked it. We want to go to the Grand Canyon and San Diego and see as much as we can on the West Coast. I know other friends are going to Florida, but that is not a kind of place that I want to see because Its just beaches and sand. I still want to see New York, Washington, D.C. and Niagara Falls."

Charles Versaille, Lille, France

"I am going to Miami with some friends. I have already been to the West Coast so I want to go to Florida. It is a new place and it is closer for me and it's warm. I want to have fun, perhaps go to clubs, and go to the beach and maybe read my text books. I really did not expect to travel around U.S. in my exchange program because I already did that in several occasions with my friends and with my family. But if there are opportunities like this one to spend a nice time out with some friends, it's impossible to say no."

Simon Hengeveld, Leiden, Netherlands

"I am going to Los Angeles with my girlfriend and her friend. We are going to visit some places. When I came here, I expected to travel around the United States on the breaks, so this is how we are going to start. We don't really have a plan but definitely we want to travel to the best-known places."

Maxime Warembourg, Lille France

"I will leave the campus on Friday to see some friends at Boston. I'll stay in Boston until Sunday, and then I'll go to Chicago for another two days. Then I'll go to San Francisco for three days, and spend the rest of the week at New York. I'm doing the trip alone, but I like to be alone to visit touristy places, but I will meet some fellows in Boston. This is my first time in the U.S., and it has always been kind of a dream to visit here. Sure, I was expecting to study, but also to meet people and to travel. So far, I have been to New York, Washington D.C., and it was really great."

Kate Tobar Manosalvos, Juniata Online Journalist

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