(Posted March 28, 2014)

Dr. Emil Nagengast took students to Washington, D.C. this spring break to network with alumni and learn about career options.

Dr. Emil Nagengast took students to Washington, D.C. this spring break to network with alumni and learn about career options.

Many students took trips over spring break to volunteer, see some sights and soak up rays. One group of students spent several days in Washington, D.C. to meet with the JC-DC Alumni group. They had the chance to network in fields like international relations and American politics and met with Juniata graduates to talk about career advancement and professionalism. I spoke with several students who went on the trip to find out what they had learned from their short time in Washington, D.C.

Nicole Jordan '16, North Yarmouth, Maine

"I found the JC-DC trip to be exceedingly valuable because it gave me the opportunity to work on my own networking skills in a safe environment, make connections with former Juniata students that have found success in careers that I am interested in, and learn more about career opportunities in the DC area. The advice from all the people we were able to connect with and that were willing to share their experiences with us taught me that there is not one path to getting a meaningful career in places such as the State Department or private sector development agencies."

Ashley Pinamonti '16, Spring Mills, Pa.

"I went on the D.C. trip to gain some insight as to how to answer that annoying question of what I plan to do after college. I had the chance to meet with many interesting alumni and learn about careers relevant to my POE and interests that I never even knew existed. Overall, the trip gave me a lot of information about the different careers that are out there while providing valuable networking opportunities with people who were once in my shoes."

Hannah Morris '16, Gloucester, Mass

"I found the D.C. trip to very valuable in the way that it made these jobs seem obtainable. It was great to see people who have stood in our shoes filling these positions in our areas of interest. In addition, the trip gave me an idea about where I would fit best, through discussion with alumni and visiting places like I-REX and the State Department."

Kelly Reynolds '17, Upper Saint Clair, Pa.

"I think the best part of the trip, especially since I am a freshman and still trying to figure things out, was the fact that we got to learn about many different job opportunities you could pursue."

Cody Cooper, '16, Port Matilda, Pa.

"This trip really helped expand my knowledge of the potential options that are in D.C. There was a lot of tangible advice, and I think that I was able to relate it to my own potential career path."

Zachary Lemon, '14, Juniata Online Journalist

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