Career Day: Yay or Nay? Student React to Event

(Posted February 27, 2013)

Two JC students inquire about future employment opportunities with company representative

Juniata's annual Career Day took place on Friday, February 22 in Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center. The event offers students invaluable opportunities, as this year's affair hosted nearly 100 companies, all vying for future student employment and internship possibilities. As Juniata scholars displayed their networking skills and professional ability, Career Day once again went off without a hitch. Participating students offered their opinion on the day.

Domenic Cuzzolina '14, Hollidaysburg, Pa.:

I work for career services here at Juniata, so I was responsible for planning most of the events within career week. Career Day went really well, I feel. I think that most of the students that went got valuable experience and possibly a job or internship offer. I'm glad Juniata hosts such a beneficial event.

Jade Wronowski '13, Barto, Pa.:

I've gone to Career Day the past few years here at Juniata. Although I didn't find any future employers I was interested in, I am always impressed at the amount of companies that sign up and come out.

Adam Heller '16, Rockville, Md.:

As a freshman, this was my first time ever at an event like this. I had no idea how big it actually was, and how many students really take it seriously. I kind of just walked around and soaked it all in, but it was a good first step for the future.

Justin Wright '14, Montclair, NJ.:

I had to go to Career Day for one of my classes. Even though I didn't want to go and give out my resume, it ended up being really helpful. I think everyone should practice these types of things in a professional setting. It's a good tool for the future, and I even got a business card for an internship I might pursue.

Annie Alexander '13, Pittsburgh, Pa.:

I didn't go to Career Day, but all of my friends did. Now, I'm kind of regretting that decision, because, as a senior, I'm probably going to need a job soon. I should have taken advantage of the opportunity while I had the chance.

-Seth Ruggiero '14 Juniata Online Journalist

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