And The Award Goes To Who?

(Posted March 6, 2013)

Juniata students offer their own Oscar picks

This year's Oscars award ceremony had several predictable winners and a handful of surprising nominees that came from behind to win the coveted golden statue. Here, students share whether they agreed with who won, and which contestants they think deserved the awards.

Morgan Decker '16, Tyrone, Pa.:
I'm not sure that I agree with most of the Oscar choices. I don't think that "Argo" should have won best picture, I just didn't find it that entertaining or meaningful. Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" for best director was actually a pretty good choice, I thought that it was pretty well done. I don't think that Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Day-Lewis should have gotten best actor [actress] though, there were clearly better candidates.

Matt Elias '16, Philadelphia, Pa.:
Well I've never seen "Argo" so I can't really give an input on that, but I did really like Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln" and the always attractive Jennifer Lawrence deserved her Oscar as well. I also thought "Life of Pi" was directed really well so I guess I agree with that too.

Andrew Pfisterer '14, Wellsboro, Pa.:
I thought the awards were given to completely the wrong people. I would have had "Django Unchained" for best picture, Hugh Jackman for best actor, Naomi Watts for best actress, and Steven Spielberg for best director.

Bobby Link '16, Rochester, NY.:
"Life of Pi" was a pretty obvious choice for directing, that movie was awesome. I would have liked to see "Lincoln" win best picture though. I think they got the best actor and actress award pretty spot-on, Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing in "Lincoln."

Chad Albert '16, Pittsburgh, Pa.:
If I were giving out the Oscars I would have given best actor to Denzel Washington and best director to Steven Spielberg. I think that the other awards were given to the right people. Jennifer Lawrence is really good in comedic roles and "Life of Pi" definitely has some masterful directing.

-Josh Maier '14, Juniata Online Journalist

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