CDs, Records, and Downloads, Oh My!

(Posted September 30, 2013)

Students use a range of services to access their music. Photography by Kelly Russo '14

Music is an intrinsic part of our everyday lives; especially in college, there is seldom a moment when music is not playing. In the dorms, in headphones in the library, at a sports game or a party, the mix of tunes provides the soundtrack for a college career. Today, there are countless ways of finding, listening, and playing music. Here are some ways Juniata students enjoy their music.

Tenzing Ukyab '17, Astoria, N.Y.
"I just use Groove Shark and create playlists or download it from"

Krystyana Richter '17, Belnem, Bonaire.
"There are several ways I like to listen to my music. I use Amazon music player, Pandora and occasionally YouTube. My favorite way to listen to my music, however, is Pandora. "

Cody Cooper '16, State College, Pa.
"I use YouTube if I am looking for a certain song and Pandora if I am just listening to music."

Wei Hua '15, Chengdu, China.
"I normally use YouTube for my music. I also listen to playlists that I have on my iPhone."

Will Wi '15, Seattle, Wash.
"Iphone would be the first way I like to listen to my music, then YouTube. I like to listen to piano when I am studying. In general, I normally listen to rock music like Weezer."

Tianjing Pan '16, Beijing, China.
"I listen to YouTube, play it on my cell phone and sometimes I use my iPad to play my music. I like pop jazz and traditional music the best."

Ann Ha '17, Vietnam.
"I use my iPod and computer to listen to my music. I download all my music from various places on the Internet and I listen to it everywhere."

Sam Zucker '17, Cherry Hill, N.J.
"I do one of three things: listen to YouTube, listen to Cds or listen to recordings. I don't really like to download my music. I like a wide variety of music from indie and high-energy beats to punk and metal. It all depends on the mood I am in. I like basically everything except country and sometimes rap."

Marlene Matula '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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