Did That Really Just Happen?

(Posted November 7, 2013)

Embarrassing moments happen to us all. Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

Embarrassing moments happen to all of us. Whether it is a result of an accident or just forgetfulness, we all seem to find ourselves doing something embarrassing every once in a while. It's what makes us human. Juniata students share their most embarrassing moments:

Nathan Deitcher '17, Chestnut Hill, Pa.

"I missed an appointment with a professor, then I emailed them asking for a reschedule and didn't check my email again until the weekend, so I missed my appointment. The worst part is that I requested a quick response from the professor."

Alex Hanbury '16, Newington, Conn.

"The most embarrassing moment I had on campus was probably when it had just rained, and I tried to go down a slight hill and fell on my knees and got grass stains all over. I let out a huge wail of despair and a bunch of people just sort of stared at me."

Rebecca Weih '14, Portland, Ore.

"Once I got up two hours early accidentally, but I thought I was late. I hurried up to the college from my house, and freaked out when I didn't see anyone on campus. I ran around asking security what was wrong and if the school was closed. As it turns out, I was just early."

Sophie Chambers '15, San Diego, Calif.

"One time I was walking out of Baker after dinner. I had my keys in my hand and I was swinging them absentmindedly. Right as I walked out, one of the football players decided to dodge in front of me, and I accidentally smacked his butt with my keys. He kind of laughed and apologized, and I left hastily, trying my hardest not to burst out laughing."

Kymberly Mattern '15, Juniata Online Journalist

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