(Posted November 5, 2013)

Students dress up for Halloween activities. Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

Halloween is a frightfully joyous time of year full of candy, scary masks, and pranks. Students of Juniata College participated in the festivities of Halloween by dressing up on the night of Halloween and the weekend that followed. Juniata students tell us what they were for the holiday and whether they went trick-or-treating.

Frank Marin '15, Whitestone, N. Y.

"I was Ash Ketchum from Pokémon for Halloween. My girlfriend was Pikachu. We had a lot of fun taking pictures and hanging out with friends, even though we saw another couple dressed the exact same way. I didn't go trick-or-treating because I didn't have time."

Daulton Romano '17, Coopersburg, Pa.

"I dressed up as Fred Flintstone for Halloween. I made my costume from bed sheets and it came out really nice. I wasn't able to go trick-or-treating because my costume wasn't made yet."

Suzanne Gloekler '17, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"I decided to be an '80s chick for Halloween. I had a sequined rainbow jacket with giant shoulder pads with big hair, red lipstick, and leg warmers. I didn't go trick-or-treating because I was told I am too old. Once you turn 18, you have to buy your own candy."

Faith Thoman '17, Thomasville, Pa.

"I was a referee for Halloween. I forgot to make a penalty flag, but my costume was still pretty good. I didn't go trick or treating, because I was busy hosting the Haunted Hallway for the Huntingdon kids. It turned out really great and was a ton of fun."

Daniel Hyland '16, Chemung, N. Y.

"I posed as a redneck for Halloween. I had really short jean shorts with the pockets sticking out and a cut-off flannel shirt and a camouflage hat. I wasn't able to go trick-or-treating because I had too much school work to do."

John Bufalini '17, Altoona, Pa.

"I dressed up as a nerd for Halloween, with a big bow tie and suspenders. I didn't go trick-or-treating because I didn't know when it was. Every town has a different set time and date for Halloween."

Davon Jackson '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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