The Partner Degree Program at Juniata

(Posted August 13, 2014)

Kati Csoman, Assistant Dean at the Center for International Education

The Partner Degree Program at Juniata offers students an opportunity to have two degrees after studying abroad for a year. Although this program benefits students in several areas, it is at the same time, a challenge.

Kati Csoman, assistant dean at the Center for International Education, explains in detail how the Partner Degree Program works.

Q: What is the Partner Degree Program about?

A: The Partner Degree Program is one way we can work with specific international partners. If students come here for one year, they can actually achieve a degree at Juniata. We have a couple of partners where we can send our students, and in one year they will complete the degree requirements for that university. The Partner Degree is contingent on completing a university degree. You won't get the Juniata degree until you finish your university degree.

Q: Why is this beneficial for Juniata College?

A: The Partner Degree is a way that Juniata can strengthen the relationships with the exchange partner institutions. The Juniata Exchange Program is how we handle having international students and students going abroad. Exchanges are really good because the flow of students happens both ways.

Q: Who can apply to this program?

A: In some cases, we have a specific exchange agreement with different countries. Generally, exchange students who meet the requirements can apply. Typically, an exchange student has to have a certain number of credits to transfer to Juniata. At Juniata, the student will have to fulfill some academic requirements. We have students from different parts of the world who received the double bachelor degree in the past. They came from Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) and Universidad de Barcelona, as well as others. Currently, our stronger partners are Germany, France and some people from England.

Q: What are the benefits for the students who are involved in this program?

A: First of all, they will receive a double bachelor's degree, and one of them will be from Juniata. This means a lot. I listened to stories from my students who told me that it made them stand out to employers. It shows some level of academic preparation that distinguishes them for other students who are searching for a job. It also shows some level of language ability. It gives you more flexibility and it connects you with the U.S job market and the U.S graduate school process.

Q: Are you planning to extend this program to more universities?

A: I think when we are meeting with partners we should talk about it and see how it makes sense for students in certain majors. I do not think this is something that we should just open up for everyone because a Juniata degree is quite valuable. This is something that we should be very strategic about.

Kate Tobar Manosalvas, Juniata Online Journalist

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