The Evolution of Social Media

(Posted July 7, 2014)

From MySpace to Facebook and Twitter, social media use has evolved significantly within the past few years. Photography by Kelly Russo, '14

It all started with the Big Bang (as some believe). Others have a different approach. The planets were formed, the oceans and the sky were separated, and man becomes the dominant species of Earth. Then AOL Instant Messenger was created as people could log onto "chat rooms" and talk to pretty much anyone anywhere in the world. Next was Myspace where people would add others and create a "Top 5" to post their best friends in a ranked order as they wrote on each other's walls. Then the dawn of the Facebook era, followed closely by Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail, Vine, and. of course, Twitter. Now, practically everyone has a Twitter handle and/or a Facebook page and can easily talk to and converse with anyone at any hour. Juniata students walk us through their personal evolution of social media and give us an insight to where they see the social media craze evolving.

Andrew Paterno '17, Waynesboro, Pa.

"I first starting using social media in ninth grade. I only used Facebook my freshman year, but made a Twitter during my senior year. I still use both accounts, but only to look at stuff. I don't see Facebook or Twitter disappearing for a while, not unless someone comes up with something new in the far future."

Zach Doyle '14, Altoona, Pa.

"I didn't use any kind of social media until tenth grade when I created a Facebook page. I thought MySpace and everything before Facebook was kind of silly. I use Facebook to look at pictures. The social media world is too big to disappear anytime soon."

Colin Laubach '17, Lewisberry, Pa.

"I didn't use any social media until my senior year of high school. I use Facebook to pretty much post pictures of things. I think we will see a change in social media pretty soon. People create bigger and better things every year."

Trenton Barnes'17, Hopewell, Pa.

"In tenth grade I created a Facebook to talk to friends, but I deleted it because I thought it was stupid. People spend way too much time on it."

Jason Ward '16, Hawk Run, Pa.

"I had a MySpace back in sixth grade. I use Facebook and Twitter now though. I use them pretty much to talk to friends. I think there will be a chance social media becomes less popular, but it's not going to disappear. "

Davon Jackson '17, Juniata Online Journalist

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