Student Outcomes in PACS

Megan Carpenter ’07 is employed as the human resources leader at A. Reddix & Associates in Virginia. Prior to this, she held an Americorps position and obtained her Virginia Supreme Court mediation certification. Her mentor is Celia Cook-Huffman.

Danielle Fulmer ’11 is an executive fellow at the Polaris Project which works to eliminate human trafficking.

Christine Cutting ’06 is pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, in the department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance. While in graduate school, Christine is the Program Director of the Correlates of Human Trafficking Project. And, she recently contributed to a report by the Higher Education Climate Adaptation Community. While at Juniata, she designed a POE in international peace and conflict studies and Hispanic cultures.

Juliet Garlow ’11 is currently employed at a start-up project called “philihealthia,” which is one of only two health cooperatives in the nation. In spring of 2013, she will enter the Somos Hermanos program in public health and midwifery; her studies will take place in Guatemala.

Kelsey Gvozdich ’10 is currently attending law school at Widener University in Wilmington, Del. While at Juniata, she participated in the Washington Center internship. She adds that professors Alison Fletcher and Celia Cook-Huffman were her mentors at Juniata.

Erica Harp ’11 is pursuing her master’s degree in communication, culture and technology at Georgetown University.

Larissa Hatch ’11 is employed as a development associate for FOCUS North America. “I wear many hats—such as human resources associate, administrative assistant and clerical data entry —but my actual position is working with major donors, strategizing fundraising for the fiscal year,” Larissa says.

Lily Kruglak ’11 is a research and development intern at the Resolve Network which empowers women affected by conflict to start their own businesses.

Kristen Olson ’11 is currently pursuing graduate study at the University of Fairbanks, where she is undertaking an in-depth exploration of circumpolar people (Inuit and Art).

Ariel Otruba ’09 is pursuing her master’s degree in international peace and conflict resolution at Arcadia University. While at Arcadia, Ariel organized the University’s first Peace Conference, which occurred in March 2012.

Scott Sloat ’10 is serving in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. He also recently finished an internship with the Carnegie Council’s education division in New York City. “My internship applied exactly what I studied about international relations and PACS from Juniata,” Scott says.

Sara Beth Stoltzfus ‘09 is employed as a residential advocate at the Family Abuse Center in Waco, Texas, a position she found through the Brethren Volunteer Service. “Many of my classes have helped me mediate conflict between residents,” Sara Beth says.

Sonia Eqbal Zeerak ’08 is recently completed her master’s degree in post-war recovery and development at the University of York in the United Kingdom. She is now employed as a program associate at the United States Institute of Peace. “Juniata’s high level courses were a great chance to question and be challenged,” Sonia says.

Jessica Zuzik ’08 is employed in admissions at the University of San Francisco. She plans to continue her employment here while also pursuing a master’s degree in global entrepreneurship and management. Her Juniata inspiration is Celia Cook-Huffman and she most enjoyed working at the European Union while abroad in Brussels.