Parents Pride Scholarship Program

Your son or daughter is experiencing the life-changing opportunities a Juniata education offers. Why not share them with a prospective student? Consider your neighbors, friends, family, children of co-workers, members of your religious community, civic groups and others. By submitting a Parents Pride referral, you ensure that the student will receive Juniata admission materials.

But, it doesn’t end with the referral. We request that you actively recruit your student, offer support throughout the search process, recommend campus visits, and encourage application. By helping the College, you also make Juniata more affordable for the student. If he or she is admitted and selects Juniata, the student will receive a $1,000 scholarship in your name - $4,000 over four years - with no financial commitment necessary from you.

To begin the process, please complete the Parents Pride Form or call the Enrollment Center at 814-641-3116. The deadline is February 15 of the student's senior year, with no exceptions made. You may, however, continue to refer current juniors and sophomores throughout the year.

When you volunteer for Juniata, don't forget to report your hours.