Dr. Richard Hark

H. George Foster Professor and Chemistry Department Chair

Phone:(814) 641-3740
Email: hark@juniata.edu
Office:2063 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. William Ames

Assistant Professor

Phone: (814) 641-3903
Email: ames@juniata.edu
Office: 2033 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. Peter Baran

Associate Professor

Phone: (814) 641-3560
Email: baran@juniata.edu
Office: 2035 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. Dan Dries

Assistant Professor

Phone: (814) 641-3557
Email: dries@juniata.edu
Office: 2061 von Liebig Science Center

Dr. Amber Jade Helsel-Ickes

Instructor of Chemistry and Laboratory Coordinator

Phone: (814) 641-3533
Email: helsel@juniata.edu
Office: 2029 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. Paul Schettler

Charles A. Dana Professor

Phone: (814) 641-3567
Email: schettler@juniata.edu
Office: 2041 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. John Unger

Assistant Professor

Phone: (814) 641-3565
Email: unger@juniata.edu
Office: 2065 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. Ursula Williams

Assistant Professor

Phone: (814) 641-3563
Email: williams@juniata.edu
Office: 2059 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. Sharon Yohn

Assistant Professor

Phone: (814) 641-3718
Email: yohns@juniata.edu
Office: 2039 von Liebig Science Center
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Dr. Tom Fisher


Email: fisher@juniata.edu

Dr. Ei-Ichiro Ochiai


Email: ochiai@juniata.edu

Dr. Don Mitchell


Email: mitchell@juniata.edu

Dr. Ruth Reed


Email: reed@juniata.edu

Dr. I. David Reingold


Email: reingold@juniata.edu

Dr. Bill Russey


Email: russey@juniata.edu


Sherry Isenberg

Science Supply Coordinator

Phone: (814) 641-3158
Email: isenbes@juniata.edu
Office: 2121 von Liebig Science Center

Susan Pierotti

Science Secretary

Phone: (814) 641-3539
Email: pierotti@juniata.edu
Office: 1006 von Liebig Science Center