Research and Internships

Recent Publications by Students
  • Michael Baker ’11, “Towards a Procedurally Generated Platform Game”

  • Dustin Drake ’12, “Cell Phone/PDA Security” and “Network and Data Security”

  • Shane Gallagher ’10, “One App Fits All”

  • Eric Hill ’11, “Mutual Benefit Group Extranet/Intranet” and “How Linguistics Can Augment Voice Recognition Technology”

  • Chad Kulik ’11, “Fusion Centers” and “An Analysis of Gaming Culture”

  • Andrew Murdock ’11, “Data Mining and Information Visualization”

  • Travis Raup ’11, “Home Network Security”

  • Carly Thomas ’10, “Using Virtualization Technology to Implement a Testing Environment”

  • Matthew Tundel ’11, “Managing Advanced Technologies Presentation of UteachUlearn.com”

Networking with the President

Glenn Roth, an Information Technology POE, interned in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Department of the Treasury at the Tax and Trade Bureau as a Domain Administrator, he was responsible for managing users and computers on the bureau's network. In addition to his network administrative duties Glenn was also an administrator of Citrix servers, an emerging network technology that increases reliability of computer applications over a networked environment. During his internship, Glenn had the opportunity to meet President George W. Bush.

Glenn recently accepted a full-time position with a technology consulting firm in Washington D.C and will primarily be working on contracts with the federal government.

The Competitive Edge

Rebecca Jankowski, an Information Technology with Criminal Justice POE, took advantage of the Analyst Notebook course at Juniata, which is not offered by many colleges and universities. This course made her overall skill set much more marketable in the work place. Rebecca was able to apply her knowledge of Analyst Notebook at the Pennsylvania Department of State - Bureau of Charitable Organizations, Special Investigations Unit as a Special Investigations Intern.

Rebecca has accepted an Information Systems Engineer position at Vanguard near Philadelphia, PA.

Live from New York

Matthew Newman, an Information Technology POE, completed an internship with NBC Universal in New York City. Matt worked with the Systems Development Group to develop a 32-channel cable orientation facility with over 1,032 unique devices. This system, now in operation, fully broadcasts all content from NBC Universal cable properties such as CNBC, Bravo, and USA. Matt met NBC personalities like Matt Lauer, Jane Pauley, and Tina Fey.

Matt also completed 2 additional internships with the General Electric Company, where Matt received one of five individual awards out of 150 interns, "The Most Likely to Become the Next CEO of GE".

Matt has accepted a full-time position in NBC's exclusive technology & business leadership program located in New York City and Los Angeles.

Creating History

Joe Cardinale, an Information Technology POE, completed an internship with the Office of the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in Harrisburg, PA. During the summer of 2005, Joe was solely in charge of developing a video documentary on legislators. The specific purpose of the video was to increase the total number of women in the PA House of Representatives. Joe's video was aired on the Pennsylvania Cable Network.

Joe is attending Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI.

A Sweet Summer

Hershey, Pennsylvania was a little bit sweeter this past summer for Lindsay (Lang) Enterline, Information Technology with Criminal Justice. Lindsay completed an internship with the Information Technology Department of Hershey Entertainment. She was continuously troubleshooting issues with their computer hardware and software systems. With the numerous programs and programming languages Lindsay had been required to learn at Juniata, learning new programs on the job was second nature to her.

Lindsay has accepted a full-time position at Tyco Electronics in Harrisburg, PA.

Research Possibilities

In the summer of 2005, three Computer Science POEs, Adam Bergstein, Joe Chura, and Duane Bougher interned for Datatel Inc in Fairfax, Virginia. As web developers, they were responsible for coding applications in PHP, Java, JavaScript, and a relatively new language called AJAX. Adam and Joe's experience with AJAX translated into a full-year Computer Science Honors Research Thesis. Adam described the internship as irreplaceable.

Adam has accepted a full-time position with the Link Computer Corporation in Altoona, PA while Joe and Duane have accepted full-time Software Engineer positions with Minitab in State College, PA.

Developing Solutions

Lisa Castagna, a Marketing Management and Information Technology POE, interned at Computer Aid, Inc in Allentown, PA. Lisa worked on the Conent Development Team to produce and manage content for the software Automated Insight. She worked with some of the industries leading experts to develop content packages. Lisa spent some time training and programming dashboards for companies.

Lisa has accepted a programmer/analyst position at Computer Aid, Inc in Allentown, PA.

Real World Experience

Joseph Maher interned at Mutual Benefit Group insurance company in downtown Huntingdon. The main bulk of his duties involved writing various ASP.NET pages for their intranet. These were used for database table maintenance and a new version of a time sheet reporting system among other things. He also wrote similar pages for their website to help provide functionality to their independent agents accessing from off site. Joe had to learn VB.NET fresh for the work.

The Mutual Benefit Group has offered Joe hours during the semester as well, and he accepted a full time position with them for when he graduates.

Solving Real Issues

Patrick W. Donley, an Information Technology and Computer Science POE, interned in Harrisburg, PA with Tyco Electronics, Inc. As an intern, he was responsible for rationalizing data feeds between the legacy business systems and SAP business systems as the company began to roll out the SAP business architecture throughout its divisions in the Americas. He also did significant UNIX scripting on the companies Itanium-based servers using the HP-UX operating system.

The company had recently begun to have issues with a few legacy C-programs that performed accounting tasks, as they were ported from older servers to newer Itanium- based systems. Patrick searched through nearly 12,000 lines of C code to find the errors brought about by the change in hardware, operating systems, and compilers, and was able to successfully repair the programs before his internship was completed.

Patrick has been called back for an interview with Tyco Electronics in February of 2009.

Great Experiences and Opportunities

Meredith Eatough, an Information Technology with Criminal Justice POE, completed an internship with Sherwin Williams in New Jersey. Meredith worked in one of the stores in the Metro New York/ New Jersey area as an intern in management learning different aspects of the company. The internship was very structured with coursework and a formal presentation at the end of the summer. Teams of interns were addressed with a problem of low Do-It-Yourself (DIY) customers and finding a way to bring in more of these customers. Meredith’s team won the competition by implementing various strategies within the store to increase the DIY customers. This internship also stressed the importance of learning different positions in the company from Sales Representatives to the District Manager position where Meredith had one on one contact with each of these individuals, learning their position and getting to interview them.

Meredith also completed an additional internship over the summer with RoadRunner Records in New York City as an information technology specialist intern.

Meredith has received offers from both companies for a job after graduation.