Wilderness First Aid


For those who live, work or play in remote areas, this 16-hour course is for you! SOLO’s course is designed for those who want to know how to prevent accidents as well as how to cope when the unexpected occurs. This training is different from more traditional emergency medical and first aid training in that the emphasis is on how the body works; what happens to it when it has been injured or is ill; and the basic principles behind treatment. Our “hands-on” approach trains you to act competently in the kind of emergencies you are most likely to encounter. Our goal is to train you to be ready to handle whatever you face with confidence.


January 13-14, 2017. Class on Friday runs from 10am-7pm, Saturday runs from 8am-5pm.


Raystown Field Station. Directions can be found here. Housing will be provided to students of Juniata College.


$190. Payment due on January 13th at the start of class. Payment will be accepted as cash, check or money order. Credit cards can not be accepted. Make checks payable to Juniata College. Lunch and dinner are provided on Friday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday.


Response and Assessment

         Anatomy of a Wilderness Crisis                                                                                                                        Universal Precautions                                                                                                                                         Patient Assessment System                                                                                                                             Rescue Plan                                                                                                                                                         Patient Lifting and Moving Techniques

Trauma – Musculoskeletal Injuries

         Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System                                                                                                        Sprains and Strains                                                                                                                                             Principles of Fracture Care                                                                                                                                 Spinal Cord Injury Management

Environmental Emergencies and Survival Skills

         The Human Animal                                                                                                                                             Cold Related Injuries                                                                                                                                           Heat Related Injuries                                                                                                                                           Backcountry Essentials

Soft Tissue Injuries and Medical Emergencies

         Trauma – Soft Tissue Injuries                                                                                                                            Medical Emergencies and Critical Care

What to bring

Raingear tops and bottoms
Layers of clothing (so you can take a layer off if you are hot/put one on if you are cold)
Hat - warm, not made of cotton
Mittens or gloves if it will be cold out
Backpack to put everything in
Water bottles (1qt or 1 liter) for drinking water
Foot wear for the environment (close-toed shoes for being outdoors/sandals are OK for inside)


Sign up at https://goo.gl/forms/zUxkqM457vaVBRyX2