The Juniata College Health & Wellness Center does not provide medical excuses for minor illnesses or injuries that result in absence from class. In such cases, students should correspond directly with the faculty as soon as possible regarding the situation, preferably before a missed class. The staff at the Health Center is in no better position, and in many cases a worse position, to verify the legitimacy of a student’s request for an excuse. Many everyday viral infections such as colds and stomach ailments are largely subjective, and the professor who knows the student is better able to determine whether the absence is valid or not.

If there is a medical reason why the student should not go to class, either because of the severity or contagious nature of the illness, we will advise the student not to attend class and we will convey that information, with the permission of the student, to appropriate professors and advisors in an e-mail. An excused absence is still at the discretion of the professor, but we will certainly try to share as much information as possible with you in order to make that determination.

If students receive care from an outside health care professional, documentation should be supplied from that particular health care provider.