At Juniata we have programs of emphasis (POEs) and secondary emphases rather than the traditional majors/minors system.

Students work with their academic advisors to identify what they are passionate about, explore endless opportunities, and ultimately design an education that aligns with their future goals and career interests.

Undergraduate Areas of Study


Undergraduate Secondary Emphases


Accelerated 3+1 Dual Degrees


Master's Degrees


Health Professions Career Tracks

We offer advising in the following disciplines for entry into professional and graduate school training. The options listed below are meant to supplement a student's POE in order to prepare them for professional or graduate school. Students interested in a career in the health professions must meet the specific requirements for admission to a professional school. Since these vary from school to school, the students consult with a member of the Health Professions Committee as they prepare their courses.


Undergraduate Certificates