Take the following courses:

PACS-105  Introduction to Conflict Resolution

A survey of the field of conflict, this course explores the causes and consequences of social conflict. Theory and case studies are used to understand interpersonal disputes, the intricacies of groups in conflict and international issues and crisis. Emphasis is given to understanding the basic theoretical concepts of the field and developing basic conflict resolving skills.

3 CreditsS 

PACS-110  Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies

This course explores war and deep-rooted conflict as human problems and peace as a human potential. Students collaborate in small groups to explore a range of different approaches to peace around the world. 

3 CreditsI,SWGH2Prerequisite or corequisite: FYC or CWS 


Complete 12 additional credits from PACS department; six of which must be at the 300/400 level.

NOTE: Students must be able to defend the coherence and logic of their choices. Students should have a PACS professor as an advisor.

Secondary Emphasis Credit Total = 18

Six credits must be at the 300/400-level.  Any course exception must be approved by the advisor and/or department chair.