Essential Courses

Course # Title
BI 190 Human Biology (offered during even years)
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
SO 203 Minority Experience
SW 221 The Life Cycle
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
ND.SS 214 Statistics for Social Science
ND.SS 215 Social Science Research Methods
SW 231 Social Problems & Social Welfare
SW 333 Social Welfare Policy & Services
SW 230 Introduction to Social Work Practice
SW 330 Social Work Practice: Individual, Family & Small Groups Laboratory
SW 331 Social Work Practice: Individual, Family & Small Groups
SW 332 Social Work Practice: Large Groups, Organizations & Communities
SW 490 Social Work: Professional Semester
SW 495 Social Work: Professional Semester Research Semester

Important Notes

  • Students who are interested in a health related profession, who desire to work in the human service field in a helping capacity and who want to work directly with patients, families and other health care professionals should consider a POE in Social Work with a focus on Medicine/Behavioral Health.
  • The Social Work POE is constructed under the guidelines established by the Council on Social Work Education. Students seeking the Bachelor of Social Work Credential (BSW) from Juniata College must complete all the requirements of that POE.
  • Students interested in a Program of Emphasis in Social Work with a focus on Medicine/Behavioral Health must take SO 242, Aging and Society and SO 243, Death and Dying and choose 6 additional credits from the the following list: PY 207 Human Sexuality, PY 321 Health Psychology, SO 244 Drugs and Society, PY 203 Abnormal Psychology, PL 235 Ethics of Health Care. In addition, either the mini-field experience or Social Work Professional Semester will be in an approved agency related to Medical Social Work or Behavioral Health.
  • The student must complete the 12 credit Social Work Professional Semester and the 3 credit Professional Semester Research Seminar in the senior year in a program approved social work setting related to Medicine or Behavioral Health, which is arranged in consultation with the student’s social work advisor. Examples of such settings include community hospitals and emergency services, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, community and home nursing agencies, hospice programs, behavioral health outpatient and inpatient treatment programs, drug and alcohol outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities and community based health education and outreach programs.
  • Students with a POE in Social Work with a focus on Medicine/Behavioral Health must have Professor Susan Radis as their program advisor.

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