Take the following courses:

GL-100A  Environmental Geology

Student perceptions of what constitutes geology have shifted. Contemporary students need to be made aware that geology IS the study of the physical environment of the earth and that a central part of what geologists do entails an exploration of how humans and the built environment both affect and are affected by the earth's physical/environmental system. While our previous title and description for this course, Introduction to Physical Geology, carried these implicit understandings, we find it important now to draw students' attention explicitly to the environmental character of our study of Earth.

3 CreditsN 

GL-204 History of Earth

This course examines the history of the planet Earth since its origin to the present day and the methods that geologists use to uncover that history. The course includes specific consideration of the social context of geosciences, and ways that art and science have contributed to human understanding of Earth.

4 CreditsN, WK-SPPre-req: FYC-101 or EN-110 or EN-109

Take an additional eleven Geology (GL) credits at the 200 level or higher.

Secondary Emphasis Credit Total = 18

Six credits must be at the 300/400-level.  Any course exception must be approved by the advisor and/or department chair.