At the beginning of the year, residents are asked to complete a Room Condition Report (RCR). You should assess the condition of your room as carefully as possible. Be certain that the RCR is accurate and complete regarding the status of furnishings, walls, etc., in your room. Keep one copy of the RCR for your own records and give the remaining two copies to your RA. At the end of the year, or as you prepare to leave campus, your RA will use this form to check you out of your room.

Residents are responsible for the care and condition of their rooms. Costs associated with damages to rooms may be assessed. Failure to follow check-out procedures will result in an administrative fine and ineligibility to appeal damage charges.

To check-out of your room:

  • Make an appointment with your RA at least 24 hours before you intend to check-out.
  • Pack your belongings and place them in a corner of the room.
  • Clean your room and arrange the furniture the way it was when you moved in.
  • Survey the room with your RA at your scheduled meeting time with your roommate, if possible.
  • Sign your RCR to indicate that you have checked-out and return your room key to your RA.
  • If you are leaving the college, complete a mail forwarding card at the mailroom.

Please note that the RDs check each room in detail after you have completed check-out procedures and may assess additional charges if necessary.