Accelerated Dual Degree Spanish/MBA

At Juniata, students will complete a 3-year Spanish bachelor’s program and then continue into a 1-year MBA master’s program. With this pathway, students  complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just 4 years. To complete both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree by the end of year 4, students would need to take 5 to 6 classes per semester with each academic year consisting of three semesters.

Why a Dual Degree?

An accelerated program provides the obvious benefit of receiving an MBA in the fourth year of study. At a time when many students are struggling to obtain a bachelors within 6 years at many institutions, students who complete this program at Juniata receive a bachelors from a highly ranked Liberal-arts school in just three years and an MBA in the fourth year. This results in many financial, and academic benefits. 

The financial advantage:

  • Save on tuition cost to achieve two degrees at an accelerated pace
  • Enter the workforce early by completing your degree program at least one year sooner
  • Benefit from an extra years worth of earnings
  • For the first three years, benefit from an  Accelerated Dual Degree scholarship, worth 50% of tuition!
  • In year four, access to financial aid for your masters, including the Juniata College Alumni Scholarship worth $600 per credit.

The academic advantage:

  • Earn valuable proficiency in high-impact classes grounded in best practices for foreign language education
  • A wide range of short-term, semester- and year-long study abroad options and internships abroad
  • Flexible class schedules with classes (online & in-person) in conversation, writing, culture, history, linguistics, literature, popular culture, social movements, community engagement and more.  
  • Dedicated professors that help students cultivate personal branding - resume writing, online profile, interview preparation, internship / job hunting
  • Studies that are interdisciplinary and built with mindfulness about the impact and role graduates will play in the world
  • Benefit from Juniata's renowned Spanish and ABE departments at a top liberal-arts college
  • Access to professors with Big-4 consulting experiences and career building opportunities

The advantage of experience:

  • Juniata’s 3+1 is an opportunity to be ahead of the curve and benefit from a highly internationalized campus with many direct exchange students from Spanish-speaking countries
  • Co-curricular opportunities to live and interact  in the Global Village’s Rincón Hispánico or Intercultural Floor 
  • Leadership opportunities in faculty-student partnerships
  • Events and clubs that celebrate Hispanic cultures
  • Community-engaged learning opportunities designed to build leadership and provide collaborative service experiences
  • Benefit from an MBA program designed to help you help government and industry make the best choices for the planet’s future and thereby our future.
  • The ability to balance a full co-curricular experience (e.g., participation in clubs, sports, other interests) that is available to all Juniata students.
  • For-credit internship placement
Spanish / MBA Dual Degree Courses

How to Apply:

Students must apply for this program during the senior year of High School by applying to Juniata via the Common Application or the Juniata Application. To qualify for this program, students must express an interest, have a GPA above a 3.5. For questions on the application, please contact or speak with your admissions counselor.

FACULTY CONTACT: Dr. Amy Frazier-Yoder -