Eagle Fund

The Eagle Fund is a student-managed investment fund that was created by the generous $100,000 donation by the late Klare Sunderland. Through of series of one-credit courses linked to the Eagle Fund, students from a range disciplines develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful portfolio manager for the Eagle Fund and to build the foundation for a successful career in financial services. Crucial skills and knowledge developed in the sequence include an understanding of risk and return, diversification, investment strategies, fiduciary responsibility, a long-term focus, including the importance of process over short-term outcomes, and working effectively in a team.

Meet the Senior Portfolio Management Team

    • Bubba (Brandon) Ashurst '22 Photo
    • Bubba (Brandon) Ashurst '22
    • POE: Economics with a secondary emphasis in investing
    • second level of portfolio management classes
    • registered PIAA official in 5 sports
    • member of the Juniata baseball team
    • enjoys fishing, watching and playing sports, hanging out with friends and family, and learning new things
    • "Portfolio Management has given me the opportunity to be a part of something that many people do not have. By investing directly into the market and learning based off our current investments, Portfolio Management has given me applicable real-world skills due to a hands-on approach."
    • Wyatt Bromley '21 Photo
    • Wyatt Bromley '21
    • POE: Finance with a secondary emphasis in communication
    • second level of portfolio management classes
    • worked and shadowed with the finance department and CFO of LFS Marine and Outdoor
    • interned at Tideworks Technology in the Jacksonville Intermodal unit
    • enjoys soccer, piano, nutrition, and spending time with family and friends
    • "I have been able to grow my financial and analytical skills, as well as my understanding of markets, through my experiences working with the Eagle Fund. I will carry the experience gained as an Eagle Fund manager through my academic and professional careers, as well as my personal financial success."
    • Andrew Cerroni '22 Photo
    • Andrew Cerroni '22
    • POE: Finance with a secondary emphasis in mathematics and data science
    • third level of portfolio management classes
    • interned with TE Connectivity as a Product Management Finance Intern
    • serving as the student representative for the Board of Trustees Investment Committee
    • enjoys reading, hiking, watching sports, and spending time with both friends and family
    • "The Eagle Fund has shaped me as an investor and given me an opportunity not afforded to many others. It has challenged me to grow academically, and I strive to apply the many lessons I have learned as a result to future investment endeavors, whether they be professional or personal."
    • Nikunj Dalmia '22 Photo
    • Nikunj Dalmia '22
    • POE: Finance with a secondary emphasis in data science and communication
    • second level of portfolio management classes
    • volunteered in the Business Department at the Center for Vein Restoration
    • community advisor for Tussey and Terrace residence hall at Juniata College for 2021-22
    • loves soccer, basketball, singing, and stargazing
    • piano and saxaphone player, calligrapher, swing dancer
    • "I believe that my experience with the Eagle Fund will improve my analytical and technical abilities, and give me the knowledge to improve any career in the corporate world."
    • Dain Shirmer '21 Photo
    • Dain Shirmer '21
    • POE: Biology
    • second level of portfolio management classes
    • Huntingdon County Community Health Fellow
    • studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador in the spring semester of 2020
    • enjoys playing soccer, running, snowboarding, mountain biking, and brewing beer
    • "The Eagle Fund has taught me the ability to think long-term and make evidence-based market decisions that are applicable to a future career in medicine."
    • Daniel Voronov '19 Photo
    • Daniel Voronov '21
    • POE: Financial Economics
    • fourth level of portfolio management classes
    • interned at Hammacher Schlemmer in Marketing Department
    • co-managed a quarter million dollar office for Vector Marketing
    • interned at GE Healthcare in Commercial Leadership Program
    • Ambassador Liaison for BREINFUEL
    • Member of the Juniata Men's Volleyball Team
    • "I attribute my improving analytical skills, creative and resourceful thinking, and understanding of the market to my participation in the Eagle Fund Team."

Eagle Fund Oversight

Juniata College Professor Dr. Bradley Andrew

Bradley Andrew

Professor of Economics and International Studies

Phone: (814) 641-3378
Email:  andrew@juniata.edu

Office: Brumbaugh Academic Center C205D
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