Core Courses in the Museum Studies with an Art History Focus POE

  • Survey of Western Art - This course serves as a prerequisite for Museum Studies and Museum Education.
  • Museum Studies - This course is the first in a two-course sequence, which will provide a broad introduction to the history and theory of museum work. Students are introduced to the field of museum studies by looking at the history, philosophy, role, operation, and multiple functions of museums in American society. Through lectures and discussions, we examine the political, social, business, legal, and ethical issues that confront museum professionals. By the end of the course, students are able to identify and apply a range of techniques, tools, and materials used in museum work, and critically discuss issues related to exhibition, education, collections management, and conservation, among other topics.
  • Museum Education - This is the second require core course. Students study the history, theory, and practice of museum education. The class combines lectures, round table discussions, and design strategies for successful museum education programs for a variety of audiences. Students implement their learned skills through a series of programs that they design and implement for pre-selected groups of school children.
  • Museum Practicum I & II - This two-course sequence provides students with the opportunity to learn about exhibition theory, as well as to organize, design, and install exhibitions at the Juniata College Museum of Art. This experience is essential for learning museum curatorial practice. By the end of the second semester, the students will have dossiers that document their curatorial activities.

Museum Internships

Internships provide the necessary experience and contacts for entering graduate programs and the museum profession. Ideally, students will perform two internships: one at a small regional institution and a second at a large metropolitan institution so as to provide a cross-section of professional practice. Although not recommended, students may elect to do only one internship.