Think about who we are…

What did we learn from the challenges of 2020 that we can use in the future?

2021 Bailey Oratorical

The Bailey Oratorical—One of Juniata's Longest Standing Traditions!

The Bailey Oratorical stands as the oldest ongoing tradition of academic excellence we have at Juniata. The original Bailey award was established in 1910 by Letitia Fisher Bailey (wife of John M.) and Thomas F. Bailey (son of John M.) Thomas F. Bailey served as president judge in Huntingdon County from 1916-1936. The contest was established in honor of the judge’s father, John M. Bailey, who had also served as president judge of Huntingdon County.

The competition is open to ALL students! Participants must prepare a 6-8 minute persuasive speech. This year, students are asked to think about who we are when they answer the prompt “What did we learn from the challenges of 2020 that we can use in the future?”

This year's finalists are listed below (in alphabetical order):

  • Liz Bailey - Wildlife Conservation
  • Rohan Bandekar - Integrated Media Marketing
  • Molly Harris - Philosophical History
  • Brandie Ray - Biochemistry
  • Olivia Simmons - Social Work
  • Juliana Slater - Advocacy Communication
  • Lucas Wertheimer - Exploratory

Watch the Bailey via Zoom:
Passcode: 983997

The first place winner will be awarded $1,000. The second place prize is $500 and third place prize is $300. In addition, the name of the winner is inscribed on an antique Loving Cup presented by Col. Thornbury’s son, Thomas Bailey Thornbury.

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