Data Science Secondary Emphasis

The overarching goal of data science is to be able to process, organize, and analyze large data sets to distill meaningful patterns and trends. Data science students will learn how to use the tools and problem-solving skills of mathematics, computer science and application domains to gather information from complex, multidimensional data sets. The secondary emphasis ensures exposure to the tools of statistics, data and database management, visualization, machine learning, and application of data science to a variety of fields.

Course Number Description Prequisites Credits
DS 110 Introduction to Data Science   3 credits
MA 220 or
BI 305 or
PY 214 or
EB 211 or
ESS 230
Intro to Prob and Stats or any other Intro Stats from other depts.   3-4 credits
MA 321
PY 406
Multivariate Statistical Methods
Advanced Stats for Psychology
MA 130 or MA 160

3-4 credits
CS 370 Database Management Systems CS 110  3 credits
IM 242 Information Visualization   3 credits
CS 352 Machine Learning   3 credit
MA 325
BI 380
Statistical Consulting
Bio Research (or an approved capstone course applying data science)
  3-4 credits

Total credits = 21-24