Most graduates will data science skills find full time work after graduation. Since this is a new program, these are computer science and mathematics recent graduates with data skills as well as data science secondary emphasis students.


Olivia Kruse ‘19
employed as a psychology data analyst at Gloo in Boulder. As a Data Scientist, she works in data modeling to apply to Gloo’s Insights Platform and Data Science Solutions. She works with clients, works with other data scientists as well as coding for turnkey analysis.

Sara Mills ‘19
Mathematics with secondary empahses in Data Science and Religious Studies
Currently interning at Excela Health in their Business Intelligence department

Zeph Turner ‘18
Software Systems and Integration, Department Aerospace Corporation

Kim Weeden ‘17
Mathematics with a secondary emphasis in Economics
Customs Operations Specialist, IKEA Purchasing Services (US) Inc.

Amy Ankney ‘15
Mathematics with a secondary emphasis in Sociology
Cost Analyst, Technomics

Lucas Lingenfelter ‘13
Mathematics with a secondary emphasis in Computer Science
Software Engineer, Avail Technologies

Graduate School

Fabien Delattre
international student who went to Juniata for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 from ISEN in Lille France, is attending a masters in data science program at Amherst in the fall, and is currently doing an internship at Samsung’s AI lab in Paris.

Mikio Tada ‘19
Mathematics with a secondary emphasis in Economics
Masters in Data Science program, University of San Francisco

Andrew Guide ‘18
Biostatistics Ph.D. program University of Michigan

Dianquin Huang ‘17
MSc in Data Science program at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Victoria Arthur ‘14
Mathematics with a secondary emphasis in biology
Biostatistics Ph.D. program, University of Pennsylvania. Victoria also carried out post baccalaureate research at the National Institutes of Health. Her work at NIH mirrors her work at Juniata where she blended math and biology to research in the burgeoning field of bioinformatics.