Study Abroad can give a data science student options for upper level classes not taught at Juniata. Students are encouraged to study abroad especially in their junior year.

CIMAT(el Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas, AC), Guanajuato, Mexico
Currently the Mathematical Science Semesters at Guanajuato has a spring program of Mathematical Tools in Data Science. The program is housed a in CIMAT, but classes are taught in English.

FH-Münster, Steinfurt, Germany
Our partner school, FH-Münster, offers Juniata students an opportunity to study in Germany with minimal German language skills. Courses are taught in English and a short intensive course in German will help you in the community, although many Germans speak English. That said, taking a course in German prior to your study abroad is recommended.
For those that would like a shorter experience or to go with a group, every May after the spring semester, one of the ITCS faculty takes students to Steinfurt and teaches one of our courses in a 2-week, condensed format. This is a great opportunity to go abroad in a shorter time period and to get credit for taking a Juniata course while there. Side trips, great food, and generous hosts are part of the plan, but many students decide to add time to their trip to further explore the region.

Lille Catholic University, Lille, France
Université Catholique de Lille, referred to as just Lille on campus, is Juniata's oldest study abroad partner. ISEN, the engineering school at Lille, has partnered with ITCS and offers some of their computing courses in English. It has programs in Big Data that would be particularly interesting for Data Science students. Students may go for a semester or a year, but having some fluency in French is highly recommended to engage with the community or if a particular course cannot be taught in English. ISEN also offers a dual degree program in which students complete general Juniata requirements in three years, finish their fourth year in Lille, and do a fifth year for a Masters degree (3-2 program). If this is of interest, it is important to alert your advisers early so that the proper planning can be made to fulfill requirements in time and to fit in French language courses as needed.