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English Designated POE

English POE 

In the English POE, you have the opportunity to study traditional works but also pursue more contemporary texts, films, and topics. In addition to the canonical texts, you engage in classes such as World Lit, African American Lit, and Science Fiction, and themes such as Utopias and Dystopias, Zombies and Monsters, Constructing Identities, Literature of Revenge, and Queer Lit. The English department faculty are aware of and understand the changing job market. The new curriculum is focused on critical thinking and writing—skills that prepare you for the modern landscape you face after leaving Juniata.

Professional Writing POE

Professional Writing - Publishing Track

The publishing track provides you with the opportunity to develop your writing skills in courses such as Creative Nonfiction Writing and Professional News and Feature Writing. You hone your writing and communication skills while you develop your ability to create and edit a piece of writing from start to finish. You develop your skills further in a Professional Editing course where you learn the fundamentals of copy editing and comprehensive editing. All of this, in addition to courses from the Communication, Art, and IT departments, makes for a well-rounded POE experience indicative of a liberal arts education.

Professional Writing - Digital Writing Track

The digital writing track gives you the opportunity to obtain good writing and communication skills and immerses you in multimedia writing and visual rhetoric. In classes such as Writing for Video Production and Writing Across Media, you create websites and write screenplays and blogs. Classes in the Communication, Art, and IT departments help to create a depth of knowledge within the POE. 

Secondary Education English POE

English Secondary Education

The English secondary education program is a hands-on POE in which you apply your skills in real classrooms during your first year. You take a combination of Education and English courses in order to give you a solid background in both areas. English requirements, including literature courses, at least one writing course, and a few courses of your choosing, prepare you to teach your content area. You learn theory in Education classes, but in your English courses, you see those theories in practice and learn to teach English from enthusiastic professors.

English Secondary Emphasis

English Secondary Emphasis

To obtain a secondary emphasis in English, you work with a professor in the English department to choose at least 18 credits (6 of which must be 300 level or higher) according to individuals interests. You can choose any classes in the English department. You can focus on literature courses, writing courses, or a combination of the two.