Core Courses


AR-110  Survey of Western Art

Introduces the major periods of western art history from its genesis to the present: Ancient, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Byzantine, Early Medieval, Romanesque, Gothic, Proto-Renaissance, Renaissance, High Renaissance, Mannerism, Northern Renaissance, Baroque, Nineteenth Century, and Twentieth Century. Masterpieces from each epoch provide information about the cultures from which they derive, and highlight the individual achievements of outstanding artists.

3 CreditsF,I  

AR-295  Methods in Art History

Students will learn to create functional bowls to be This course provides an introduction to the discipline of art history through an exploration of the many methodologies employed by art historians to understand works of art from the classical to the contemporary. Students will engage with the questions and debates that have shaped the field of art history through an examination of the discipline's rich and varied theoretical literature.

3 CreditsF Prerequisite: AR 110 or AR 130.

AR-455  Sr. Thesis in Art History

Involves one full semester of research and writing. A thesis statement, bibliography, and outline are to be followed by a rough draft which is expected by mid-term. After revisions, the completed paper is due by the end of the semester. Students may choose to write about a specific work (or several works) of art, and relevant artists, styles, influences, etc. The thesis may be comparative, but it must be analytical.

3 CreditsF,CWPrerequisite: Permission. 


Art History Courses


AR-115  Survey of World Art

Surveys the principal artistic themes among the following regions and peoples: Asia (Chinese), Africa (Yoruba, Benin, Asante, EFE), Oceana(Asmat), and North America(Kwakiutl and Navajo). Works from each culture are studied from art historical, archaeological, and anthropological point of view.

3 CreditsF,I  

AR-301  African-American Art

Considers the work of African-American artists from the American colonial period to the present, seeking to understand the works of painting, sculpture and other media as the products of major cultural movements such as the New Negro Movement, Harlem Renaissance, and Civil Rights Movement, but also as the unique expressions of individual artists.

4 CreditsCA,F,I,CW,SW-US  

AR-309  Italian Renaissance Art

Considers the art and architecture in Italy from 1250-1600, with special focus on the centers of Florence, Siena, Rome, Venice, Milan, and Naples. Duccio, Giotto, Ghiberti, Donatello, Michelangelo, Bramante, Leonardo, Raphael, and Titian are among the artists studied. Note: A special course fee may apply.

3 CreditsF,I,CWPrerequisite: AR 110 or AR 130.

AR-310  Baroque to Enlightenment

This course examines the emergence of the Baroque in the 17th century through the Rococo and the impactof scientific reasoning in art and society in the 18th century. Students will learn how styles develop and change in Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, England, and America as a reaction to and against socio-political and aesthetic issues. 

3 CreditsF,I,CWPrerequisite: AR 110 or AR 130.

AR-311 Ancient Art & Architecture

Studies art and architecture from Prehistory through Ancient Rome, with particular emphasis on architecture and sculpture and their purpose in cultural and political activities. Course will draw from art historical and archaeological approaches. 

3 CreditsF,IPrerequisite: AR 110 or AR 130.

 AR-312 Medieval Art & Architecture

This course concentrates on the arts and architecture of Europe from 300 to 1250. Works are drawn from the late Antique, Byzantine, Migratory, Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque, and Gothic periods. Special emphasis on the relationship between religious, economic, social and political forces and how they affected the arts of this era. 

3 CreditsFPrerequisite: AR-110 or AR-130.

AR-313  Northern Renaissance Art 

Study of the arts in Northern Europe (mainly Germany and the Netherlands) in the 15th and 16th centuries with a particular focus on the patronage of mercantile centers and courts. Artists to be considered include Campin, Van Eyck, Van der Weden, Durer, Grunewald, Bosch, and Bruegel.

3 CreditsF,IPrerequisite: AR-110 or AR-130.

AR-315  Women in Art

A study of women artists and their artworks from a variety of approaches - aesthetic, historical, philosophical, social, economic, and political - this course seeks to understand appreciate, and integrate the role and contributions of women into the history of western art. Note: This course was offered as 3 credits through Spring 2019. 

4 CreditsCA,F,IPrerequisite: AR-110 or AR-130 and at least sophomore class standing.

AR-316 19th Century Art

This course introduces major themes in 19th century European art, with an emphasis on French painting. We will consider revolutionary impacts on art; the Napoleonic presence abroad; the shift from history painting to realism; issues related to class and gender. Students will gain an understanding of the stylistic principles and historical contexts in which 19th century art was created.

4 CreditsF,I,CS,WK-HT Pre-Req or Co-Req: FYC-101 or EN-110 or EN-109

AR-322  Modern Architecture 

This course traces major tendencies in American and European architecture from the late 18th century up through the 20th century. We will examine the roots of modern architecture in relation to culture and society and will focus on issues concerning style, technology, urbanism and regionalism to address the forces that have shaped modern architecture.

3 CreditsF,I,CSPrerequisites: AR-110 or AR-130.

AR-329  Early Modern Art

This course surveys stylistic developments commencing in the late nineteenth century and culminating with Abstract Expressionism in the mid-twentieth century in painting and sculpture. We will address questions such as: what is modern art and when did it begin? What makes a work of art modern, and how is this art different from what preceded it? Through discussion, students will learn to recognize, understand, and appreciate the defining features of modern art in its early stages of development in Europe and America. 

3 CreditsF,IPrerequisite: AR 110 Survey of Western Art.

AR-330  Modern to Contemporary Art

An exciting venture into the realm of the arts of our modern to contemporary world, this course surveys major artists and movements from post-World War II to the present. Beginning with Pop Art and continuing through Post-Modernism and the global arts of today, we will examine artworks from a variety of media and incorporate key critical, philosophical, cultural, and theoretical writings. 

3 CreditsCA,F,IPre-requisite: AR-110 or AR-130.

AR-340 Philosophy of Art

A study of the main theories about art in the western tradition, with particular attention to classical views as well as modernist conceptions and post-modern critical reactions. 

3 CreditsF,HPrerequisites: AR-110 or AR-130 or permission of instructor.


Studio Art Requirement


2 studio art courses (6 credits) chosen in consultation with your advisor


Language Requirement


Proficiency in a foreign language at the 200 level or above; 6 credits