This POE is designed to assist students who seek a career in public history. It consists of 4 segments: a focus upon historical studies; museum studies, and two concentrations reflective of student interests. Students may select concentrations in art history, studio art, communication, or business. Students may develop an alternative concentration with the permission of the program advisor. Students must complete a capstone senior project and take an internship. As in any POE, students must complete a minimum of 18 upper division credits.

History Core (28 credits)

HS-115 United States to 1877

HS-116 The U.S. Since 1877

HS-152 World Civilizations From 1500


HS-109 China and Japan to 1800

HS-293 Sophomore Colloquium

HS-493 The Historian's Craft


HS-495 Senior History Research/Seminar

Elective: European History one course at the 100 or 200 level

Elective: 300 upper-level History

Museum Studies Core (18 credits)

AR-110  Survey of Western Art


AR-115  Survey of World Art

MM-390  Museum Studies

MM-392  Museum Education 

MM-480  Museum Practicum I

MM-481  Museum Practicum II

Associated Courses (9 credits)


AR-104  Design and Color

EN-272 Introduction to Professional Writing

Choose One:

CM-130 Introduction to Human Communication

CM-200 Art of Public Speaking

EB-100  Introduction to Management

EB-131  Financial Accounting

AN-255  Applied Archaeology

Capstone Experience (3-7 credits)
Internship (0-5 credits)
Total: 55-62 Credits